Human Rights, Race/Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality WG

Human Rights, Race/Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality WG

In the real possibility of expanding the view of the teaching movement, PROIFES began to build the Human Rights WG in 2017, based on the understanding that human rights are daily, historical constructions and constant affirmations in the teaching movement for the battles that arose, mainly, from 2018.

Faced with a political situation that affronts citizenship, free gender identity and sexual orientation, through the promotion of racism, sexism, patriarchy and LGBTphobia, the unions gathered in PROIFES and in this WG reiterate the importance of activism of Human Rights in the trade union movement in its most diverse fronts. It understands that the incorporation of an agenda that involves themes such as race, ethnicity, gender and citizenship strengthens the approximation between the entities and society.